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So Much to Do, So Much to See at Pattaya

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Visit Chong Samaesan Village located along the Sattahip-Thua Rua Phanit Sattahip. From this tiny fishing village to the Pattaya Park Beach Resort and Amusement north of Pattaya down to the Wat Samakkhi Banphot Temple in the south, Pattaya is 4km of tourist heaven, providing everything any tourist could want - from peace and tranquillity to adventure sports: there is something for everyone. If you are definitely a beach person, take a trip to Bang Saray. This is about 16km from Pattaya City. It is a fishing village with an absolutely gorgeous beach for swimming, set amongst beautiful parkland. You can hire a boat from here to take a look at the live coral reefs not far from shore, or just to fish. However, if it is fishing that takes your fancy, take a trip to the southern end of Bang Saray where you can fish for the Pakarang fish amongst the deep waters of the southern bay. There are also some amazing restaurants providing a wide variety of really delicious food, from seafood to gourmet international cuisine. It really is so lovely here that you would probably put it on your wish-list of places you really must come back to.

Travel just 15km to the south of Pattaya City is the Royal Temple of Wat Yan Sangwararam, which is now under the patronage of the King of Thailand. This temple was dedicated to Somdej Phra Yanasangworn. The grounds contain a replica of Buddha's footprints which are housed in a mondop. This is a sacred building defined by its rectangular roof. Relics of Buddha are enshrined here at this temple, in the Pagoda, together with relics of the Buddha's disciple. One of the most amazing sights in the Royal Temple is the Vihan Sian. This is a collection of the lovely architecture from China, an esoteric treasure tourists would not expect to encounter on a holiday to Pattaya. Many international buildings dedicated to a variety of countries from around the world can also be found amongst the sculpted gardens.

An absolute must if you are holidaying in Pattaya is a visit to the Nongnooch Tropical Garden. It is the most amazingly exquisite attraction, set within the totally natural surroundings of Nongnooch Village. Here you will find the loveliest orchids, flowering amongst a setting of mangoes and many other flowering tropical plants. The whole scene will take your breath away. There is also a zoo here and a cultural centre with exhibitions of Thai theatre, dance and martial arts. It also features shows with elephants. The performances are held three times a day so you are sure to find one that fits with your itinery. For future reference, you can actually stay at the Nongnooch Village, renting a traditional Thai house manufactured from the hard wood, teak. There is a Nongnooch office in Pattaya City where you can obtain details. Alternatively, they also have an office in Bangkok.


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