The Best Pattaya Hotels And Pattaya Resorts

How To Find The Best Pattaya Hotels And Pattaya Resorts
By: Liberty Anthony
Pattaya Thailand is just started as a small fishing village. But after 1970’s it is seen as a footnote in most of the tourist guide books next to Bangkok. Pattaya is well known for its humble beginnings and it also provides more fun to the tourist who visits the place. It usually takes 2 hours journey in taxi from Bangkok.
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Pattaya Thailand Tourism Showing

Pattaya Thailand Tourism Showing No Sign of Slowing Down
By: Kaloyan Banev
The cast may be evolving, but the scenery and soundtrack remain the same. The gorgeous half-moon of Pattaya Bay swoops around the headland to (slightly) more refined Hat Jomtien, and delicate sea-breezes whip up a heady cocktail of suntan lotion, fast food, and motorcycle and jet-ski fumes.
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a Motorcycle In Pattaya

How To Hire a Motorcycle In Pattaya
By: Bodlagz
How to hire a motorbike in Pattaya Where can I hire a motorbike in Pattaya
You don’t have to look far to hire a motorbike in Pattaya, many hotels and guesthouses in Pattaya have their own motorcycle rental service. Besides this there are many independent motorbike rental vendors and companies in Pattaya, you don’t have to walk far before you come across a motorbike rental vendor, especially on places like beach road, here you will see rows of bikes lined up, usually with a price per day displayed on them. The best thing to do is use a motorbike rental service which has been recommended to you. There are many rip off merchants in Pattaya so don’t think that Pattaya motorbike rental vendors are any different.
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