on Pattaya Beach

Make your evenings pleasant on Pattaya Beach
By: Marc Jones
Sea, sun and sand make Pattaya a favorite holiday destination of most visitors. Pattaya is one of the most famous beach resorts in Asia. The Pattaya beach, a cosmopolitan seashore buzzes with activity.

Relaxing and enjoying is all one needs to do on a holiday to a place like Pattaya. Pattaya beach can be divided into various regions, beginning from Pattaya Neau or North Pattaya, Pattaya Klang or Middle Pattaya and Pattaya Tai or South Pattaya. The Jomtien beach which extends from South Pattaya is a peaceful and quieter beach.

The beautiful beaches are free of cost but you have to pay for services rendered to you. A perfect day on the Pattaya beach would include relaxing idly on the beach, sipping a chilled beer, ordering a delicious sea-food lunch barbequed in front of you and enjoying a number of soothing beauty treatments and massages. There are lots of water sports and activities one can do while on the beach. Swimming, parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing are just a few of them. The blue sky and the equally blue sea make a breathtaking view. One can see men dressed in floral shirts and shorts and women wearing swimsuits, bikinis lazing around on the beach, trying to get a good tan. Each divided region of the Pattaya beach has its own charm and beauty. The beach in North Pattaya also known as Pattaya Neau is the most serene and calm beach of Pattaya. This is the place, where one can just relax and be alone. There are many old hotels lined up on this brown sandy shore. The Dusit resort lies here. At the southern end of this beach lies a hill that extends straight into the sea.

Pattaya Klang or Middle Pattaya beach is to the south of North Pattaya. It is the most happening and crowded beach in the city. This lively beach is in the center of the city where pubs, shopping malls, stalls, restaurants throng the roads. One can see people relaxing, swimming or enjoying various water sports on this beach during the daytime. The beach looks equally good at night because of the brightly illuminated streets, pubs and restaurants along the shore.

Pattaya Tai or South Pattaya region of Pattaya beach does not have a lovely beach like the other areas of the city instead it is well known for the nightlife, pubs, discotheques and shops along the coast that become the centre of attraction of most tourists at night time. This is the place where one looks for some fun after dark. There is a hill known as Pratumnak Hill that is at the southern end of South Pattaya.

On the other side of the Pratumnak Hill is the very famous Jomtien Beach. It is a straight 6km sandy shoreline that is the main residential area of the city. Innumerous hotels, resorts, bungalows, condominiums, shops and restaurants are located on this beach. The most distinctly visible landmark of Jomtien is the Pattaya Park Tower, having 56 floors and a water and amusement park. This beach has all the activities that one could do in Middle Pattaya, but it is more secluded and isolated. Its distance from the main city makes the accommodations relatively cheaper.

At the northern end of Jomtien beach lies the Dongtan beach which is closed to vehicles during the daytime. This beach is more calm and peaceful than any of the main beaches. Food and drinks are delivered right to your chair on your beach. Pine trees line the shore and make it an excellent place to laze around.

To the immediate north of Pattaya lies the Naklua beach which marks the end of Pattaya and the beginning of an area known as Naklua. The word Naklua means salt fields. It is the perfect place for people who want to stay far off from the buzz of the city. The beach is secluded and clean. This area does not have any expensive hotels and restaurants but it has a few old houses, temples and traditional restaurants.

Wong Amat is a 3 km curved beach which is only accessible through Naklua. One can hire a deck chair, order delicious food and enjoy looking at the peaceful Pattaya Bay. This place has an enchanting feel. Wong Prachan beach also lies to the north of Pattaya bay. It is a 1 km stretch of sand that is ideal for swimming. There are no vendors here so it is best to carry a picnic basket. A picnic on this exclusive beach can be a real pleasure.

Pattaya is a city of lovely sandy beaches and it is the ideal vacation spot to unwind and enjoy. Each beach is unique and has its own beauty. Whether you want to rest, enjoy water sports or are just looking for privacy, you will find a beach that will be perfect for you.

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