City of Sin by The Sea

Pattaya Nightlife – ‘City of Sin by The Sea’
By: Huey Davis
Pattaya nightlife is full of variety and enjoyment. The ‘sin city by the sea’ has always been the preferred destination for visitors looking for the wildest and rowdiest nightlife in Thailand.

Pattaya is brimming with opportunity for fun. Once the sun goes down the place really comes to life.

Pattaya nightlife is hard to miss. If you go to Pattaya it’s impossible to avoid, a sprawling mass of bars and gogo’s make this the party capital of Thailand and all of south east Asia. Many people feel the atmosphere is different in Pattaya than in Bangkok, maybe because the city is cheaper and has more of a holiday feel to it. There certainly seems to exist an alternate reality in Pattaya where the rules of ordinary society do not apply.

As far as gogo’s are concerned, they are located in South Pattaya around the famous Walking Street. The gogo’s of Pattaya are rowdier than those in Bangkok, often featuring full nudity and shows. The Walking Street gogo’s are where the cream of the gogo action is found. Higlights include the 3 level Electric Blue gogo, Happy-A-Gogo and Dollhouse.

Cheerful beer bars are found all over Pattaya, from small hole in the wall places frequented by local regulars to Country Road bar with live music and dancing. Bar girls provide company and entertainment for the patrons, while looking for the catch of the night.

For a great night out i would recommend you go and have a beer at one of the beer bars that is having a party. They go to extraordinary lengths to enjoy themselves. The karaoke party team dress in colourful costumes and do slapstick comedy sketches. Karaoke can be found at any bar that is celebrating a birthday or other anniversary. There is usually food laid on which is thai and falang (foreign) everyone is made welcome.

Where else do you go to meet these girls? How do you make the most of your time?

Richard Gilmore is a long time Pattaya resident and has written a great guide called “Pattaya Girls”. It reveals all this and more. It’s only $20 and is available for immediate download as an ebook. If you’re going to Pattaya, you should really check it out!

About the Author

Huey Davis has lived in Thailand for several years. He also runs a website on Pattaya Girls.

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