Getting to Pattaya

Getting to Pattaya – Out and Around
By: Susan Deleo
Pattaya is one of Thailand famous day trip holiday destination. It is located 140 kilometers east of Bangkok. The city is easily accessed by road and rail from the city of Bangkok.

Tourists can go on the freeway, expressway and the highway. Tourist can also take the bus from the bus station east of Bangkok (Aekamai) takes no longer than two hours to reach the first beach Pattaya.You see the breathtaking views along the road. Some tourist may prefer to take a taxi from Suwanapom airport. This taxi ride will only take around one and a half hour since the airport itself is located on the east of Bangkok along the motorway to Pattaya.

Pattaya has everything: beaches, quiet single, magnificent sea views, luxurious hotels, delicious seafood and the variety of sports and leisure. Accommodation in Pattaya is perhaps the trump card of all available resources of luxury. There are houses and flats to meet the people in economy class. All types of residential buildings in the store that luxury Pattaya hotels with private beaches, hotels and guest houses and bungalows on the beach includes a moderate comfort. Large variety of food serves in many modern restaurants along the beaches also become an attractive destination. Probably no other city in this region, which offers a wide range of choices in restaurants.

Once you are in Pattaya, you can get around by variety of way such as go on the motorbike taxis, converted buses and trucks. This truck can go anywhere to be seen on the track. The road along the beach is a one way street that connects the entire country, north, east and south of Pattaya. it is a pedestrian zone at night. You can make your way towards the center of Jomtien Beach on your motorbike from the road along the beach up the hill at the end of south Pattaya beach. Water scooters in Pattaya are ready for an enchanting journey through the bay and you can use motorcycles, cars or jeeps to enjoy the neighboring beaches or the luxuries outside the resort. Tennis lovers can have a good time at the courts of high class hotels. It is a heaven for golfers as there are 18 golf courses in nearby areas.

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