Pattaya Bar Girls

Pattaya Bar Girls
By: Huey Davis
Pattaya girls are very attractive and probably the main reason why men go to Pattaya. Don’t get me wrong, Pattaya is an ideal vacation and retirement destination in itself, with a bountiful supply of restaurants,

activities, bars and a beach all within easy reach on foot or in the baht bus.
But the Pattaya bar girls are of course an inevitable part of the famous Pattaya nightlife.

First timers to Pattaya may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of beer bars, small open air bars, and the bar girls working in them. Pattaya has thousands of these small bars, gogo’s and disco’s. It’s generally a good idea to read up on the basics of how these bars work, barfines, short time long time etc, before travelling to Pattaya. Saves you the hassle of figuring it all out when you’re there.

Pattaya bar girls are the girls who work in the many beer bars around Pattaya. Their work description includes serving drinks, but mostly they act as hostesses, inviting customers in and making sure they have a good time. And they are good at that, wether it’s just flirting and chatting, playing a game or sitting on your lap! Part of the deal in Pattaya is that you can take the girls home with you, if you and her agree of course. That part isn’t part of her job description though, so you would have to make the arrangements with her yourself. You do have to pay a ‘barfine’ which is compensation for lost income to the bar, by taking her away.

Then the fun begins, short time or long time, a night of passion or a few hours, most is available around the clock in Pattaya.

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