Pattaya Hotel Reviews

Pattaya Hotel Reviews And Activities
By: Ray Subs
There are so many things to do and see Pattaya, travelers might never have time to leave. The numerous sights and activities accommodate both the business and leisure traveler.

Anyone who enjoys the beach life and city side entertainment will be thoroughly satisfied with this gem of a beach resort town.

The North Side of Pattaya Beach

The North Side is quieter than central Pattaya but offers close proximity to more active areas. Peace Resort is an older hotel, but clean and quiet as the name suggests. Mantra Pura Resort & Spa is a  newer trendier North Pattaya hotel with classy accommodation. Dusit Thani Pattaya Hotel is ensconced in a tranquil area of the northern tip of Pattaya Bay overlooking the Gulf of Siam. Also discover the Best Western Pattaya, a new and modern hotel where Thai traditional hospitality is offered. Loma Resort and Spa, a place to be one with nature surrounded by the tropical sun and pool for your perfect get away.  Thai Garden Resort  and Sunshine Garden Resort are good places for a central location in North Pattaya Beach. For travelers who are Muay Thai fanatics, Fairtex Sports Club & Hotel offers Thai-style boxing and full fitness facilities near the beach. Mid-range hotels include Gulf Siam Hotel, which is quite nice and convenient as it is near the bus station and beach. Other bargain type hotels include Sabai Lodge Hotel, and Baboona Beach Front Living, located very close to the beach. Leisure travelers as well as business travelers on a quick stopover for some R&R will appreciate Pattaya’s multi-faceted choice of activities. Water sports of all varieties are offered here, from jet skiing to wake boarding. There are many surrounding areas not far from the hotel to explore as well. To the north is the island of Koh Sichang, which is an interesting place to visit The Old Palace Grounds of King Rama V. another great place to visit is Nong Nooch, which is Tropical Botanical Center and has an elephant show.

 The South Side

 Diamond Beach Hotel is located on “Walking Street”, which is where all the action is.  Down the street from “walking street” is Hard Rock Hotel, which offers a vide variety of activities, game and entertainment for you and your family to enjoy. Other hotels around this area are the Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, Century Pattaya Hotel, and Golden Beach Hotel Pattaya. Citin Garden Resort offers a posh setting close to all the nightlife. Penthouse Hotel is a newer boutique hotel for the trendy traveler. Budget hotels include Areca Lodge, Pinocchio Guest House and Bar, and Two guys Guesthouse. For cheap boutique style accommodation, Patamas is five minutes from the beach. Unique hotels with a bit more intimacy include the family run Canterbury Tales Caf? and the Seven Oaks Inn. One of the smallest resorts in this area is the Welkom Inn, which is only 200 meters from the beach. Remember, during mid-April is the national Songkran week-long festival. Make sure to book your room ahead of time to ensure that you can enjoy Thailand’s largest beach resort town. Also, don’t forget to grab an address card when you check into your hotel, so you don’t get lost amidst the frolicking!

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