Hotels in Pattaya

Hotels in Pattaya Offer Superb Facilities at Rock Bottom Price
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Pattaya, located just over a few minutes drive from Thailand’s capital city Bangkok, is one of the exciting beaches offers something to everyone.

It is a beach town that covers three kilometer beach and allures the attention of tourists globally in combination with Jomtien Beach in the south and Wong Phrachan beach to the north. Every year, thousands of beach and water sport aficionados come to celebrate their holidays here for Para-sailing, dive expeditions, jet-skis, roped off swimming areas and sun chairs. It is not only an ultimate holiday destination, but also a place of boundless spirits and fun. It is one of the preferred holiday destinations for couples, families and singles. The beach town is also full of luxurious backside hotels and resorts to simple guest houses.

There are a number of hotels including Hotel Vista, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Bella Vila Prima, Mercure Hotel, Southern Star Resorts, Sunshine Vista, Eastern Grand Palace, Fraser Resort Pattaya, Best western Pattaya, the Pinewood Residences, Beverly Plaza Pattaya Hotel, Sandalay Resort, Sawasdee Siam, and Centera Beach, Tim Boutique, Green Park Resort and a number of others. These hotels and resorts in Pattaya are known for offering world-class services, comfy accommodation and state-of-the-art facilities.

Because of providing complete safety and privacy, these hotels in Pattaya are very much preferred by honeymooners and couples. In addition to providing comfy accommodation, world-class services and state-of-the-art facilities, most of the hotels in Pattaya also offer amenities required for intercontinental conferences and client meetings. Interestingly, well furnished rooms of the hotels are keep you mesmerized. No doubt, interior decoration of the rooms is centre of attraction in itself.

Other services and facilities offered by the hotels are the wireless connectivity, multi-cuisine restaurants, Mini Bar, modern gyms, health clubs and 24 hours personalized room service. One of the interesting facts about the hotels in Pattaya is that some of the discount hotels along with online tour operators also offer complete tour packages with pick and drop facilities from the nearer airport as well as a number of other services. You can book your desired hotel in Pattaya easily. Today, there are a number of online tour agencies offering you last minute hotel deals and advance booking of hotels with attractive discounts.

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