How to Meet the Nice Pattaya Girls

How to Meet the Nice Pattaya Girls
An interesting pastime for anyone living full time in Pattaya is watching the huge numbers of guys who migrate to this beachfront town every year in search of Pattaya girls.

It’s true that there are plenty of girls in Pattaya, but most tourists arrive in town with a cockeyed view of what life here is really like.

There is no denying the fact that Pattaya, Thailand has become famous the world over as a destination for sex tourism. Estimates place the number of prostitutes in Pattaya at over 20,000. It’s even been referred to in the press as the sleaziest town in the world.

On one occasion I met a 60 year old woman from New Zealand who had unknowingly come to Pattaya looking for a snorkeling adventure. She was so horrified by what she encountered on the streets that she refused to leave her hotel room after dark.

Not surprisingly, Western men flock to Pattaya by the thousands. Many a male visitor has likened it to paradise on earth. There’s actually some truth to that notion, but there is much more to Pattaya than just sex. Actually, some very nice girls live there.

Most visitors to this part of Thailand use the term “Pattaya girls” interchangeably with the term “bar girls”. In case you’re unfamiliar with Thailand, a bar girl is a young lady who works in a bar, sells drinks, serves as hostess, dances, and socializes with the clientele.

It’s from these bar girls that Pattaya gets its reputation, but incredible as it may seem to many visitors, there are other types of girls here as well. In fact, there are lots of beautiful girls from Pattaya who stay away from the bars, have never been in a bar, and who would never in their wildest dreams even consider the prospect of working in a bar.

These “nice” girls are not all that hard to meet in Pattaya. They’re everywhere as a matter of fact. There are girls in Pattaya that work in banks, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and all kinds of ordinary jobs. There are even girls in Pattaya who work as doctors and lawyers. If you just have a little personality, you can meet and actually have a relationship with one of them. By the way, they will do everything the bar girls do; they just don’t do it with everybody.

So how do you go about meeting a nice girl in Pattaya? If you’re planning on being in town for an extended period of time, it wouldn’t hurt to take some Thai language lessons. There are several language schools in Pattaya that offer basic “survival Thai” where they teach you the essential language skills like numbers, where, when, and how vocabulary that can make your life much more enjoyable in Thailand. The Thai girls really appreciate that you’ve made the effort to speak their language.

If you’re planning on being in town for only a short while, you should check out some of the social networking websites that make it easy to meet Thai girls. Both Facebook and MySpace have networks setup for people in Thailand. HubPages is another site that has a community of people who live in Thailand. Connect with some of these folks prior to your trip. Start networking ahead of time.

Then there are the dating sites that many people are reluctant to use. You may not like the idea of meeting your Thai girlfriend on the internet, but it’s actually quite common in Thailand. On some of the sites the girls have to pay to be listed and the guys pay for an introduction. Other sites are completely free.

Finally, there is no substitute for just letting your personality shine through and going right up to a pretty Pattaya lady and striking up a conversation. The nice Pattaya girls are not shy or rude and are very receptive to meeting western men.

You’ll have to go slow, though. Just be respectful and take your time. Most respectable Thai girls will want to bring along a younger member of the family as a chaperone, like a sister or niece. After a couple of chaperoned dates, if you’re lucky, you’ll get taken home to meet mom and dad. If all goes well with the parents, you’re in.

I’d like to invite you to learn more about the beautiful and alluring Pattaya Girls by visiting the Pattaya Girls Blog where you can see pictures, pickup travel tips, and get insider information about how and where to meet them. It’s your all-in-one resource for planning your next trip to Thailand.

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