From Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus

From Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus
By George Yamamoto
Bangkok is a bustling city like New York, Tokyo and London. It can be a confusing place to get around.

I’ll show you how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya by bus for only a few dollars. It’s easy and will save
you time and money.

First of all, Bangkok is the capital city in Thailand. The Thais refer to it as “Krung Thep”. Bangkok is a sprawling city that is hard to get around if you don’t know what you’re doing. A good map of the city is a good idea to keep handy.

Pattaya is a seaside resort about two hour and 15 minutes from Bangkok. It is a resort that started as a GI
R & R getaway during the Vietnam war. It has a “infamous” reputation that mostly lives up to its’ famous moniker of “sin city”. But, Pattaya is getting a makeover and is quickly starting to change it’s image. There are more family oriented venues and attractions popping up every day. In fact, there is now a Russian circus that is very entertaining and a good evening out for anyone regardless of age.

There are plenty of activities to be had that don’t involve the famous nightlife. There are some high-end
resort that cater to your every need. You can have a day at the spa and a massage or relax at the beach if that’s what you choose.

There are several ways to get to Pattaya from Bangkok. You can take a taxi from anywhere in the city and it will cost you around 1,000 baht to 1,500 baht depending on what you negotiate. It pretty simple and straight forward, but definitely negotiate a price before you leave.

A bus is the cheapest way to go and will cost you between 113 baht and 120 baht depending on where you catch it. There are bus stations at Ekamai, Mor Chit and Bang Na.

Ekamai Bus Station is the most convenient station since it’s located next to the BTS(locally referred to as the “sky train”) station at Ekamai. The fare is 113 baht

Bang Na is the newest station on the Pattaya route but isn’t conveniently accessible except by taxi. The fare from Bang Na is 113 baht. The fare from Mor Chit is 120 baht.

Happy travels and Sawatdee Kup.

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