Pattaya, Thailand Retirement!
By John Galt
Yes, you CAN retire on $50USD a day!
Although it may be crass to say, MONEY is everything in this world-by having money, you have the FREEDOM to do most anything you want. You’re fortunate to live in the West where you have the opportunity to earn and save sufficient capital to last a lifetime. Even if you don’t have a lot, most Western countries’ governments will guarantee a monthly income (pension) of around $1,000 (USD) beginning in your early 60s.

And while not much in your home town, it is A LOT in Pattaya, Thailand.
Here’s what I mean:
Sample monthly budget based on $50 day-

Housing (including ALL utilities)-$300




Misc/Everything else-$500

Not bad, eh! 1/3 of your budget is going towards entertainment which is A LOT of SANOOK (fun) in Pattaya!

While our budget of $50 a day exceeds the $1,000 monthly pension mentioned, a little tweaking in the entertainment or miscellaneous categories could bring it in-line. Or, having $100,000 in savings at 6% yields $500 per month thus putting you at the $50 figure.

Note that didn’t factor a ‘separate’ travel fund for the annual trip back to your home country. Inevitably you’ll need to back, so ensure you plan for it.

Now if you’re too young for a pension, their is hope!

If have around $350,000USD saved, you’ve hit the mark, assuming a 6% return on your money.

And DON’T be discouraged if you’re too young for a pension and short on money–consider ‘semi-retirement’.

Make a plan to spend six months or so a year in Pattya, Thailand and the balance working in your home country. This is the ‘having your cake and eating it too’ strategy!

Go to for more INSIDER information on retiring to Pattaya, Thailand.

John Galt is the nome de plume of a frequent Southeast Asian traveler and writer. He’s the creator of the website, and the author of the Internet’s ONLY newsletter devoted to Pattaya, Thailand retirement.

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