The Golden Land

Thailand, The Golden Land by Surachet Pattama
Surrounded by Burma and Laos on the north, Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia on the south, Laos and Cambodia on the east, Adman sea on the west, Thailand is a beautiful Kingdom located in the very heart of Southeast Asia and travel in Thailand is something so many people look forward to.

Thailand is a beautiful country which has so much to offer, and which is why it is one of the most famous tourist destinations. The beautiful beaches simply take your breath away, the wide expanse of the ocean with the waves lapping against your legs slowly, seductively pulling you in and the thick jungles, swarmed with greenery present you with nature at its best. You can drink in the sight and relax every sense in your body with the stunning beauty around you. The cities in Thailand are all worth visiting with Bangkok taking the crown of one of the most tourists loved cities in the whole of Asia. It’s an exotic city with beautiful landmarks and an array of entertainments to provide. Life here is fast paced and the day starts with an entertainment, probably at one of the streets offering the delicious thai food and concluding at a hot-shot night club with you singing along with the Karaoke. This city has something for everyone. Wat pho, Grand Palace, Vimanmek palace complex, Wat Arun are some of the major tourist attractions along with the many festivals held there. This crazy city attracts some 11 million international visitors every year.

One can also visit Chiang Mai, a relatively quiet city with amazing national parks holding trekking excursions and a night bazaar offering all art objects and handicrafts complimented by the modern shopping centers. It also has several religious sites (over 300 Buddhist temples) to humble and mesmerize you.

Phuket is another city/island you don’t want to miss especially if you are a beach lover. Decked with beautiful sandy beaches, little beach huts, cafes, it’s a sight that’s going to stay in your mind forever. Ideal for sunbathing, it also offers activities like snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, canoeing, banana boat ride and scuba diving ensuring that every minute of your day is full of fun. Phuket has the power to transport you to another world where the soft sand, warm sun, cool breeze and sound of the waves is all you can feel and hear.

Pattaya is another place worth visiting. It has a busy night life with a plethora of cuisines to choose from. One can enjoy a number of activities here ranging from horseback riding, bungee jumping to Karting and shooting. It has attractive museums, zoos, theme parks and temples to attract a number of tourists and clubs and discotheques for the young tourists to end their day with some fun and heavy dancing.

With a very rich history enriching its culture, the bold and spicy food to tantalize your senses along with the clear blue skies acting like a cocoon of solace, Thailand has much to offer to the tourists. The rich Buddhist culture along with it’s beautiful, mesmeric temples fuse with the modern shopping malls, night clubs and the sandy beaches to fascinate the tourists and yet somehow the calm lent to the country by its culture and heritage manages to make people feel at home.
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