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PattayaArticle 9 ^_^ Pattaya's Food For The Soul: Temple Tours and Luxury Accommodations

                  Pattaya is only a hop step and a jump away from Bangkok, Thailand's busiest and largest city, but is worlds away from it in spirit. There is a huge range of silent, ancient temples, as well as a very worldly range of luxury villas for rent in Pattaya and other delectable Thailand accommodation.

             However, one of the best things about the Pattaya location is that you can arrive at the less expensive Bangkok airport, and travel time is relatively short. We look at the best food for the soul in Pattaya, including Pattaya luxury villas for rent, and Pattaya's range of temple trips.

             Wat Yansanwararm is the most important of the temples in Pattaya - built only recently, it is under the patronage of the beloved Thai king, and brings together Chinese, Japanese and Indian style building. This Wat (temple) is a modern center for meditation - great for refreshing your mind, and re-programming yourself for serenity and imperturbability when you get back to the stresses of work and daily life!

             Wat Khao Prayai is another beautiful temple to tempt you out of your luxury villa for rent in Pattaya. It is actually a temple complex in the hils above the town to the south. There are excellent views from this Wat, as well as the famous 10m gold (colored!) Buddha watching out to sea.

             However, the place that you will spend most of your time, and gain the most relaxation from, is your luxury villa for rent in Pattaya. As it is not considered as high demand an area as Koh Samui or Phuket, villas for rent in Pattaya are relatively cheap - for example, a four double bedroom, four bathroom villa can be had for the same price as a single, middling quality villa elsewhere in Thailand.

             138-110 Baan Duen is an example of this, with its 4 bedrooms and large living space. It has a sunny aspect most of the day, open plan design inside, and six foot high walls securing the property. Only a couple of minutes away there is a communal pool for the villa's use, and for families, there is a daily maid service at this Pattaya villa for rent. Why make things harder than you have to?!

             Ban Dokrak is another villa for rent in Pattaya with some wonderful luxury features like handmade Thai furniture, massive banana palms surrounding it, a children's pool and free car hire for the duration of the stay. It is very newly constructed, and can sleep 8 people.

             Marble floors are both cool and luxurious, and the outdoor dining area at this Pattaya house for rent allows you to experience the best of Thailand's gorgeous year-round climate. This gorgeous house for rent in Pattaya is only a short, mentally refreshing walk from Jomtien beach, and the car hire will allow you to visit temples at your own pace. Ultimate rejuvenation!

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